My Education

Outstanding Student - 2012 - Management Information Systems

Each year, at the DeSoto Center, the University of Mississippi hosts their own Graduation Celebration for students who attend Ole Miss at their campus. At this event, a single student from each degree program is recognized as the year's Outstanding Student for their subject area. I was honored to be chosen as the 2012 Outstanding Student for Management Information Systems.

The event was held on April 24, 2012 at 5:00pm. I had a class that ran from 4:30pm-5:45pm. This was right at the end of the semester, so we had a lot going on, and I could not miss class. After all, outstanding students don't miss class! Additionally, my professor (Dr. Garner) was at our campus that day (he usually taught from the Oxford campus), so I definitely wanted to be there. Funny enough though, right after I got out of class, I headed to the event to see if I could catch the end of it. Not even five minutes after I got there, they called my name to receive my award. I had informed a friend of mine who was speaking at the event that I would not be able to attend, and to please accept the award for me. So after they called my name, they followed up stating that I was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts with my class. While they were saying that, I was making my way to the front saying "Here I am! Here I am! Class is over!" I, along with the audience, found it quite amusing.

They took my picture as they handed me the award. Right after that, I headed back to class to hang out with my instructor and fellow classmates, not knowing that they were going to take a group shot later (which is why I'm not in that picture - but I would have rather hung out with my professor anyway).