My Education

The early years...

I began my collegiate journey back in 1992 when I attended Auburn University. I enrolled as a materials engineering major. Seeing as I was a mere 17 years old at that time, on my own for the first time, and about 200 miles from home, my focus rapidly changed from academics to partying (which I must say I excelled at). After six months or so, I returned home after earning a 0.48 GPA.

In the spring of 1994, I returned to school. This time, I enrolled at Calhoun Community College as a music major. I learned quite a bit about music theory and about recording. I did quite a bit better with my grades than I did at Auburn (how could I not?), but realized after a little over a year that the degree I sought would not be worth the piece of paper it was printed on. I quit after the spring quarter of 1995 earning a 2.88 GPA.

About a year and a half later, I moved to Memphis, TN. Not long after, for the spring semester of 1997, I enrolled at the University of Memphis as a computer science major. Since I did not even own a computer at the time, and because my love of music diluted my ability to effectively reason, I changed majors back to music. I made it through the spring, summer, and fall semesters before dropping out of school yet again. My year at the University of Memphis netted a 2.50 GPA.

In early 1998 I attended a different type of school - dice school. For 10 weeks, I went to a craps dealer school hosted by Fitzgerald's Casino. For 10 years after finishing that school, I was a dealer at Fitzgerald's Casino.