Spinning Kitty Entertainment - Version 1

Spinning Kitty Entertainment v1

Spinning Kitty Entertainment grew out of a desire I had to learn about web deveolpment. I had always thought it would be fun to build websites, so I just dove right in. I didn't really have much content for a website, so I decided that I would basically just create a list of our DVDs. Spinning Kitty Entertainment grew from there to include photos, artwork, and other various stuff.

At the time, I was interested mostly in Flash. I thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread. The way that you could make everything move and react was really great. So Flash is what I designed the site in. What I didn't realize at the time was how inaccessable Flash could be, and how much of a pain it was to update anything.

Spinning Kitty Entertainment v1

As I wanted to add more to the site, I found that I was having trouble making it a consistant look and feel. Everything that I added seemed like it was just thrown up there. Design came second, and forcing it to work was the priority.

Since this was my first project, I didn't have the experience to plan ahead, nor the know-how to set the site up in such a way so that it could be easily updated. Let's not even discuss the horrible technical details about the site. I would be suprised if much of the site was even valid code at all. But... it worked, and I liked it. I still like it (somewhat), but it was just too hard to manage.

Version 1 of Spinning Kitty Entertainment was a great learning experience for me. I will always appreciate it as a successful failure. It will continue to remind me of what not to do when building a website.