The Birth of a Dragon

The Story (Part 2) - Well... It's a Long Story...

We continued to discuss the tattoo, and I told him that I had some pictures similar to what I wanted. He told me to bring them in the next time I came up there. I set up an appointment with Chris, and asked him if there was a way that I could e-mail the pictures to them. He said that I could find the address on their website. At that point, I asked him who did their website. He told me the story of a trade that the shop had made with a guy. A tattoo for the website. He went on saying that they got robbed because the guy got his tattoo and pretty much left them high and dry with a site that barely worked, and couldn't be updated. Hmmmmm.

I asked Chris if he would be interested in another trade of the same sort only this time they would get what they wanted. He said that he would have to talk it over with the owner and get back to me.

Realizing that this trade would be my only chance of getting my tattoo anytime soon, I went home and immediately got to work. Barbara was so supportive telling me that I didn't need to do anything except work on the site; that she would take care of everything else. So I did. I worked and worked and worked creating what I thought to be a pretty cool site. All sorts of Flash and all that crazy stuff. By the time I was done with it, I still hadn't heard back from the owner, so I called her. I told her that I had something that I wanted to show her, and asked if she had a few minutes to talk about it with me. She said she did, and we packed up the laptop and headed back over there.

When we got there, I showed her what I had done, and started talking about their vision. She said that it was cool and all that, but their main thing was that they wanted to be able to update it themselves any time they wanted without having to rely on anyone else to do it. After their last encounter, I completely understood where she was coming from. I told her that would be no problem. I told her that I could code a custom content management solution that would allow them to completely customize virtually every aspect of their site without anyone's help, and without needing to know anything (much) about building websites.

She agreed to the trade, I set up my first appointment with Paul, and I went home and got back to work.

It is way too late to make this long story short, but what can I say? I mean a turtle. All this happened because of Lucky the Turtle. It never ceases to amaze me how life works out. Now I guess the only question is why didn't I get a tattoo of a turtle?

He's in there. :)