The Birth of a Dragon

Session 9 - Turtle, Turtle, Turtle

Unknowingly, we scheduled our next appointment for November 23rd, 2006. We didn't realize at the time that November 23rd was Thanksgiving Day. So... a week or so before, we realized it, and rescheduled. Both of us had things going on, so the earliest we could reschedule was for December 14th, 2006. Session 9 started then at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Well, this was it. Not much else to do on this thing. We started off by finishing up the color on the scales. That was pretty quick and easy. After that was taken care of, we began on the turtle.

We discussed the colors that we were going to use on the little guy, and then dove right in. We used some greens, some oranges and browns, some black, and some yellows. I think he turned out really well.

Since it was on the outside of my arm, it wasn't too painful. The time seemed to go by quick, and before I knew it, we were done. It took right at 4 hours to do everything this time. And, with the exception of a little touch-up work, this tattoo is finished!

It has been quite a journey. After 38½ hours under the needle, this tattoo that I have been wanting for so long is finally done. The sessions started back in May, and spanned 31 weeks. Pretty unbelievable!

The pictures were taken the following morning after I removed the bandages and took a shower.

Once I get the touch-ups done, I will take some really good pictures to put up.