The Birth of a Dragon

Session 3 - Scales, Scales, and More Scales

After a full month, it was time for my next session. Session 3 was on Thursday, June 30th, 2006 at 3:00pm. Same day, same time as the other two. I like to schedule them on Thursdays because I am off work on Fridays. That gives me a day to heal up before I have to go back to the grind.

We had thought that we would get some color started during this sitting, but alas, there were just too many scales! It took another couple of hours to draw them all in before we got going with the needle. There are just so many of them. It is that attention to detail though that sets this tattoo apart from others. Paul is an excellent artist, and it shows.

This session didn't last as long as the one before it did. I was under the needle for 4 hours this time. We got the vast majority of the scales done, some more wind-bars, and a few of the waves. Quite a bit was accomplished, but since it was all pretty much detail work, it doesn't look like anything major was done.

The pictures were taken the following morning after I removed the bandages and took a shower.