The Birth of a Dragon

Session 1 - Here We Go!

Anxious, I arrived at Underground Art on Thursday, May 11th, 2006 at 3:00 in the afternoon. Paul had been working on the drawing, and it looked fantastic! Just what I wanted! He went and made up the stencil, put it on my chest, and away we went.

It had been a while since my last tattoo, so I was a bit nervous about it. My first tattoo is located on back of my left shoulder, and my other one is on the outside of my left calf. From what I understood, the chest was more painful than either of those locations.

When the needle hit my skin, I was relieved. It wasn't as bad as I had built it up to be. Don't get me wrong, it still hurt, but I was bracing myself for worse. There were some spots that hurt pretty darn bad. Let me tell you... the closer you get to the under-arm, the worse it gets!

We got the outline of the dragon's head, the clouds surrounding it, and some wind bars done. I was under the needle for 4 hours during this first sitting. By the end of it, I was completely wore out. I wanted to keep going and get as much done as possible, but I had to call it quits. Still... not a bad first sitting.

The pictures were taken the following morning after I removed the bandages and took a shower.