The Rock

Hollywood superstar Sean Connery (The Hunt For Red October) joins Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas - Best Actor - 1995) in the action-packed thriller of the year, The Rock!

All of San Fransico is taken hostage when a vangeful General (Ed Harris, Apollo 13) seizes control of Alcatraz Island, threatening to launch missles loaded with deadly poison gas! With time running out, only a young FBI chemical weapons expert (Cage) and a notorious Federal prisoneer (Connery) have the skills to penetrate the island fortress and defuse the lethal situation! Edge-of-your-seat suspense and unstoppable action explode off the screen in this must-see motion picture event!


  • Sean Connery
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Ed Harris
  • John Spencer
  • David Morse
  • William Forsythe

Directed By:

  • Michael Bay


  • Action/Adventure
  • Thriller

DVD Release Date:

  • December 3rd, 1997