Lethal Weapon

Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is no ordinary cop. He's a Mad Max gone maniacal, a man whose killing expertise and suicidal recklessness make him a Lethal Weapon to anyone he works against. Or with.

Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is an easygoing homicide detective with a loving family, a big house and a pension he doesn't want to lose. Imagine Murtaugh's shock when he learns his new partner is a guy with nothing left to lose: wild-eyed, burnt-out Martin Riggs.

Lethal Weapon is the thrill-packed story of two Vietnam-vets-turned-cops who have just one other thing in common: both hate to work with partners. But their partnership becomes the key to survival when a routine murder investigation leads to all-out, take-no-prisoners, martial-arts-and-machine-guns war with an international heroin ring.


  • Mel Gibson
  • Danny Glover
  • Gary Busey
  • Mitch Ryan
  • Tom Atkins

Directed By:

  • Richard Donner


  • Action/Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Thriller

DVD Release Date:

  • March 26th, 1997