Layer Cake

Planning to retire and begin a new life, Mr. X (Daniel Craig - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), a successful West End drug dealer, has been asked for one last favor: to negotiate the sale of one million hits of Ecstasy. Unfortunately for Mr. X, the pills were stolen from a Serbian drug lord who'll cut off his head if he sells them. And with a London crime czar (Michael Gambon - Open Range, The Insider) promising to retire him permanently if he doesn't, Mr. X may be rightfully concerned about his future. Nothing worth losing his head over.


  • Daniel Craig
  • Colm Meaney
  • Kenneth Cranham
  • George Harris
  • Jamie Foreman
  • Sienna Miller
  • Michael Gambon

Directed By:

  • Matthew Vaughn


  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Thriller

DVD Release Date:

  • August 23rd, 2005