Laws of Attraction

Romance has never been funnier in this battle of wits and will!

For Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) and Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan), competition in the courtroom makes them New York's top-notch divorce attorneys. But when celebrity clients (Parker Posey and Michael Sheen) raise the stakes in their nasty divorce, Audrey and Daniel set out on a trip to make their case, and end up hitched themselves! Now, to spare their own professional reputations, they must fool people into believing they're actually in love... or are they fooling themselves?


  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Julianne Moore
  • Michael Sheen
  • Parker Posey
  • Frances Fisher
  • Nora Dunn

Directed By:

  • Peter Howitt


  • Comedy
  • Romance

DVD Release Date:

  • August 24th, 2004