Laird: White Knuckle Extreme

"Laird introduces you to perhaps the most talented and innovative big-wave surfer of his time adn humbly takes you on a series of wild rides that will leave you spellbound." - Los Angeles Times

The footage shocked the world. Had it not been captured, no one would believe it was possible, but there it was. Conformed in the vortex of the heaviest wave ever ridden, Laird Hamilton stood where no man has ever stood before. It was a moment shadowed only by the journey of his life as a waterman and an explorer of the most pure form of energy on Earth. Now all of it, and more, captured with pristine clarity on DVD.


  • Laird Hamilton

Directed By:

  • Tim Monaghan
  • Bobby Williams


  • Documentary

DVD Release Date:

  • June 4th, 2002