Johnson Family Vacation

Buckle up for the wildest road trip of the year! Cedric the Entertainer leads an all star cast in this hilarious comedy adventure about a misfit family trying to survive outrageous obstacles (including each other) on a cross-country trek to their annual family reunion. Along the way, they'll battle a psycho truck driver, pick up a voodoo-loving hitchhiker, and "expose" the dangers of hot tubbing in a strange hotel. Co-starring Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow, Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Harvey, Johnson Family Vacation is packed with laughs and fueled by fun!


  • Cedric the Entertainer
  • Vanessa L. Williams
  • Solange Knowles
  • Bow Wow
  • Gabby Soleil
  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • Steve Harvey

Directed By:

  • Christopher Erskin


  • Comedy

DVD Release Date:

  • August 10th, 2004