Keanu Reeves, Diane Lane, and D.B. Sweeney score in this uplifting story of triumph over adversity that "hits an emotional home run".

Conor O'Neill (Reeves) is a down-on-his-luck gambler in debt to dangerous loan sharks. Desperate for cash, Conor reluctantly takes a job coaching a youth baseball team. The "team" turns out to be a ragtag group of tough-talking kids from Chicago's inner city. Secretly, Conor plans to desert the team after he wins a big bet. But the stakes are higher than Conor imagined: The kids need someone to believe in. As Conor wrestles with his past, the kids start to teach him some lessons that will forever change his future - that responsibility and trust must be earned and hope can appear in the most unlikely places.


  • Keanu Reeves
  • Diane Lane
  • John Hawkes
  • Bryan Hearne
  • Julian Griffith
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • A. Delon Ellis Jr.
  • Kristopher Lofton
  • Michael Perkins
  • Brian M. Reed
  • DeWayne Warren
  • D. B. Sweeney

Directed By:

  • Brian Robbins


  • Drama

DVD Release Date:

  • February 19th, 2002