Guess Who

When Theresa (Zoe Saldana) brings fiance Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher) home for her parents' 25th wedding anniversary, she's neglected to mention one tiny detail he's white. Determined to break his daughter's engagement, Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) does everything he can to make Simon feel "apart" of the family, from running his credit report to locking him in the basement at night. But when Percy gleefully exposes Simon's most embarrassing secret, it leads to an outrageous series of comic complications that only goes to prove that with a dad like Percy Jones, father doesn't always know best.


  • Bernie Mac
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Judith Scott
  • Hal Williams
  • Kellee Stewart

Directed By:

  • Kevin Rodney Sullivan


  • Comedy
  • Romance

DVD Release Date:

  • August 2nd, 2005