When professional grifter Jake Vig (Edward Burns) chooses the wrong mark in The King (Dustin Hoffman), he is given two choices: pull off a near impossible heist or lose his life. Needing all the help he can get, Jake brings in beautiful con artist Lily (Rachel Weisz) and a mixed group of "professionals". Nonetheless, with The King riding him and a pesky Special Agent (Andy Gacia) on his tail, Jake and his team look to have the odds stacked against them.


  • Edward Burns
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Morris Chestnut
  • Leland Orser
  • Andy Garcia
  • Paul Giamatti
  • Brian Van Holt
  • Dustin Hoffman

Directed By:

  • James Foley


  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Thriller

DVD Release Date:

  • September 16th, 2003