Alpha Dog

They grew up together in the suburbs of LA, living their own version of the American dream, with every day a blur of partying and looking for the next thrill. Johnny (Emile Hirsch - Lords Of Dogtown) is the leader in their sordid world of drugs, greed, power and privilege. But when he is double-crossed by another dealer, things quickly begin to spiral out of control, and an impulsive kidnapping leads to a shocking conclusion. Justin Timberlake (Black Snake Moan), Sharon Stone (Bobby) and Bruce Willis (Lucky Number Slevin) co-star in this powerful and controversial film.


  • Bruce Willis
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Sharon Stone
  • Ben Foster
  • Dominique Swain
  • Emile Hirsch

Directed By:

  • Nick Cassavetes


  • Crime
  • Drama

DVD Release Date:

  • May 1st, 2007