The Sopranos - Season 2

For Tony Soprano, there's no such thing as business as usual. Balancing the demands of his immediate family - wife Carmela, daughter Meadow and son Anthony Jr - with the demands of his other family - Paulie Walnuts, Silvio Dante and Big Pussy Bonpensiero - means walking a tightrope no self-respecting mobster should have to walk. With his mother and uncle plotting against him, his older sister Janice wreaking her own special kind of havoc, and the very real threat that one of his closest allies is wired by the F.B.I., Tony needs the support of his psychiatrist Dr. Melfi more than ever.


Disc 1

  • Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office
  • Do Not Resuscitate
  • Toodle F-ing Oo
  • Commendatori

Disc 2

  • Big Girls Don't Cry
  • The Happy Wanderer
  • D-Girl

Disc 3

  • Full Leather Jacket
  • From Where to Eternity
  • Bust Out

Disc 4

  • House Arrest
  • Knight in White Satin Armor
  • Funhouse


  • Crime
  • Drama

DVD Release Date:

  • November 6th, 2001