Nip/Tuck - Season 2

Flash and cash. Sex and style. Power and prestige. All it takes is a Nip/Tuck. The acclaimed series at TV's cutting edge continues in a Deluxe 16 Episode Season Two Set on six discs with Revealing Enhancements.

Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon return as the elite plastic surgery team of McNamara/Troy, whose skill at giving others perfect bodies contrasts with the doctors' imperfect personal lives. From love (Troy falls for a self-assured blind woman) to lust (McNamara dates a porn star), from painful revelations (a secret from the past shatters the practice) to powerful moments (conjoined adults seek the doctors' help) to astonishing truths (a New Age "life coach" hides what ultimately can't be hidden), this second-season operation is a total success. Thank you, doctors!


Disc 1

  • Erica Noughton
  • Christian Troy
  • Manya Mabika

Disc 2

  • Mrs. Grubman
  • Joel Gideon
  • Bobbi Broderick

Disc 3

  • Naomi Gaines
  • Agatha Ripp
  • Rose & Raven Rosenberg

Disc 4

  • Kimber Henry
  • Natasha Charles
  • Julia McNamara

Disc 5

  • Oona Wentworth
  • Trudy Nye
  • Sean McNamara

Disc 6

  • Joan Rivers


  • Drama

DVD Release Date:

  • August 30th, 2005